Friday, 16 November 2012

Nothing Exciting

Nothing Exciting

Now I know I've been gone a while, which considering I've only posted 5 times isn't a good sign. However i've just been underwhelmed and not wanting to spend money recently, not to mention that I've been swarmed with uni work; which isnt fun :(...

So what I have brought recently incase your wondering (which isnt fun, so dont hold your breath) ... I've brought a book related to one part of my course, which is the David Jobber Principles & Practice of Marketing 6th Edition which cost me £50 :O I know, ALOT right? I was left speechless in Waterstones but alas, its something I require.

So if any of you are doing a Marketing course, or anything course for that fact which required you to purchase a over priced book, let me know how it's going? 

Also, Im going to Oxford street on Sunday, and am thinking to buy the Michael Kors MK5505 I think, so let me know your opinions on that? Or any other Michael Kors which is gold and slightly "man looking"... 

Speak to you all soon, and hope you had a good week. 

Night x

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I'm back with a post for you!

I'm Back! 

Well I got back on Monday morning, but same difference right? 
Ok so while I was away I took a couple of pictures which I thought were fairly cool. And then I also brought a few things from duty-free which if you scroll down, I'll tell you all about with a small review. 

These were pictures stuck to the floor outside Cologne Station

This is a picture i took on the train to one of my meetings, there was locks stuck on the safety bar for around 1 mile. All different colours which i thought was pretty cool and alot of locks

Next were these two men who I passed every morning, walking through the Dom

This is a picture of the Dom which has something like 1,200+ stairs (Not fun to walk up, Trust me!)

Next is my little lizard friend, who sat behind me in a Shisha place called the Relax Lounge, great service,  good variety of shisha, and nice vibe. 

Next for the Reviews, I brought a couple of stuff from Duty-free...

First was the Germany Collection from OPI which seemed only right, since I was going to Germany and the colours seemed very me. However I have to say, I'm not too impressed :(... I'm not sure if it's because I brought the Minis, but I just found the consistency was streaky, but maybe thats just becuse of the brush. So now I'm back I'll try it with a different brush and maybe a different under coat, and let you know. 
Below is a picture, and if you got any ideas on how it would apply better let me know?
(Left to Right) Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine!, Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue, Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs, My Very First Knockwurst
Once I figure out how to make it apply better on the nail, I'll provide you a "on the nail" picture.

Next Is a Magazine. Now although I dont like InStyle as a magazine, I do love when they have the free Benefit tint, and highlight samples. Which is exactly what they were going this month so, I picked up the Sun Beam one only because they didnt have the others in stock. Meaning if your in the UK its something I'd look out for

Another 2 things I brought were a YSL lip colour and nail vanish.
The lip colour I brought was in number 6, its a peachy orange shade, kind of like a stain rather then a lip stick (sorry don't know the official term for it.) The packaging is Lovely, I think the whole black and gold with red logo looks very chic, however the applicator is a a kinda material doe-foot applicator, which I like doe-foot applicators, I just usually prefer when there fully plastic, as in theory to me that makes them alittle more hygienic :|
Lip stain No. 6. Now this colour isn't for everyone so I advice you try it out first
Now the nail vanish is No.1 Rouge Pop Art, and I only brought this because it looked amazing on the sales assistant. However unfortunately I think I'm too pale for it at the moment. So I'm going to try wearing it after I fake tan, and see how I feel about it then, wise ebay it is... Do you know any nice reds that look nice on pale skin??
YSL No.1 Rouge Pop Art, this is two coats incase you were wondering
I've 1 more thing, but thats also a pretty long post and I've got a uni assignment to do for tomorrow :s... So hope you've all had a good day, and I'll blog some other time 


Friday, 2 November 2012

Guess what I got? & OTD

Guess what I got? & OTD (travel edition)

Well I have to say you are some lucky people, 2 post in 2 days :)... 
Anyway after posting the ASOS belt I wanted, I find out my brother did pick up the hint and actually get it for me :D. So just for you I have an OTD (what I wore to Germany, keep in mind I had to go to a meeting as soon as I arrived, I'm usually a travel in sweats kinda girl.)

So below is some images of what I wore inc. My new belt, as well as the jacket, and black snood featured in yesterdays blog...

Leather mix jacket: Zara, Legging: H&M, Boots: Random shop in (Stratford Westfield)
Nails: Topshop, Ring: River Island
Grey mix jumper: Pull & Bear, Belt Asos
Hope you all had a good day, let me know what fashion pieces your loving for autumn? Or even just what you got upto today... 

Have a goodnight 

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Yes, I actually have a "buy" related post...

Yes, I actually have a "buy" related post...

Now I know my blogs called Becca's Buys and so far I've failed to post a 'what I brought'. However that changes today! 
So after a stressful, long and a few other words which I fail to think of right now, day at uni. I poped to Oxford street to try and change that. So without further anticipation of what I actually brought, here it is...

(Now before you get all excited thinking I'm going to have loads, I only brought 3 things) 

First is a leather (faux, i think) and woven jacket mix (which if you read my last post you know I'm loving different textures)

It was around £70/80 I think but for the quality and different way you can wear it, I would definitely say it's worth it!

Second and Third (since they are the same thing, just different colours.) I made a trip to Primark as I forgot my scarf and it was freezing, and ended up getting two snoods. Which were only £5 each and very good quality, especially when compared to a Topshop one I saw which was almost identical priced at £16 is a good deal!
On the left is a black snood, and on the right is a wine colour

Now although I'd love to stay and blog, I got to go pack as I'm off to Germany for two days with work!I'm going to cologne so if any of you know any places I should see while I'm there let me know?

Night X