Thursday, 1 November 2012

Yes, I actually have a "buy" related post...

Yes, I actually have a "buy" related post...

Now I know my blogs called Becca's Buys and so far I've failed to post a 'what I brought'. However that changes today! 
So after a stressful, long and a few other words which I fail to think of right now, day at uni. I poped to Oxford street to try and change that. So without further anticipation of what I actually brought, here it is...

(Now before you get all excited thinking I'm going to have loads, I only brought 3 things) 

First is a leather (faux, i think) and woven jacket mix (which if you read my last post you know I'm loving different textures)

It was around £70/80 I think but for the quality and different way you can wear it, I would definitely say it's worth it!

Second and Third (since they are the same thing, just different colours.) I made a trip to Primark as I forgot my scarf and it was freezing, and ended up getting two snoods. Which were only £5 each and very good quality, especially when compared to a Topshop one I saw which was almost identical priced at £16 is a good deal!
On the left is a black snood, and on the right is a wine colour

Now although I'd love to stay and blog, I got to go pack as I'm off to Germany for two days with work!I'm going to cologne so if any of you know any places I should see while I'm there let me know?

Night X 

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