Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Random Blog

Random Blog...

Now I do realise my blogs called Becca's Buys but to be honest, my wallet just can't keep up with how much I would like to spend. Soo until I do get round to *coughing up the cash* and actually treating myself here's a few things I've had my eye on... 

First is the ASOS belt which I first spotted on Laura's http://www.buynowbloglater.com
Image borrowed from ASOS
Now it is something I've dropped a couple of pretty obvious hints to my brother on; and by obvious I literally mean sent him the link and my size. So hopefully I'll be receiving that soon.

Item 2: Would have to be would have to be these beautiful paid of heels from Miss Selfridges
Image borrowed from Miss Selfridges (If I actually buy the shoe I'll replace the image with my own!)
I just love how there kinda like a more military style Jeffrey Campbell. As well as the buckle and lace up detail (but also that theres a zip on the side, which makes taking them off soo much easier!) Also loving the contrast of material between suede and leather and just for £65 which after you deduct my 10% student discount work out to be just: £58.50
Maybe if they ever have a 20% offer it will be a for sure buy, but till then I'll just be in aww (not sure about the spelling) till then. 

Well I'm off to bed now so Night for now 


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