Thursday, 13 September 2012

Losing my Bloginity

Losing my Bloginity 

I have to say as I sit in front of my MacBook thinking what to write, this whole thing seems somewhat scary and surreal. I mean I'm pretty much exposing myself to the world, even though none may actually read this, and although episodes of Awkward may make it seem emotionally heeling. To me at this moment in time I have to say I'm not feeling it. 
Soo about me I guess... Well my names Rebecca incase you didn't already guess by the name of the blog (assuming i did this whole thing correctly), and the point of this blog, I'm honestly not sure. It's mainly just for me to "work on my writing skills" as my A-Level media teacher put it quite bluntly to me before handing in my year 13 piece of coursework. 

Well I would say goodnight all but having even 1 person read this in the first day of posting it is abit optimistic!  But one day perhaps...

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