Friday, 16 November 2012

Nothing Exciting

Nothing Exciting

Now I know I've been gone a while, which considering I've only posted 5 times isn't a good sign. However i've just been underwhelmed and not wanting to spend money recently, not to mention that I've been swarmed with uni work; which isnt fun :(...

So what I have brought recently incase your wondering (which isnt fun, so dont hold your breath) ... I've brought a book related to one part of my course, which is the David Jobber Principles & Practice of Marketing 6th Edition which cost me £50 :O I know, ALOT right? I was left speechless in Waterstones but alas, its something I require.

So if any of you are doing a Marketing course, or anything course for that fact which required you to purchase a over priced book, let me know how it's going? 

Also, Im going to Oxford street on Sunday, and am thinking to buy the Michael Kors MK5505 I think, so let me know your opinions on that? Or any other Michael Kors which is gold and slightly "man looking"... 

Speak to you all soon, and hope you had a good week. 

Night x

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