Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Late Christmas + Hair Removal?

Merry late Christmas + Hair Removal?

Now I'd like to wish you all a late Merry Christmas and hope you got everything you wanted. As well as apologise for my absents. 

So the point of this post you wonder? Well it's hair removal; now I'm not overly hairy however I do have access hair and I'm not talking the type you can't see therefore this year I wanted to try a home hair removal system to see how it works. 

Now before I brought the Me powered by Elos technology home hair removal system, I spent days looking at professional as well as store reviews, however was disappointed to find no blog post on it. So after about 40hours of research I decided on this one, now although it did cost over £300 I used my Boots card so ended up making about £80 back in Boots points. It looks like the below insert

Now I have to say when buying a home hair removal system don't expect instant results, I've done 3 treatments (one per week as advised, with claimed "permanent hair removal by week 7") Now I dont see complete hair removal happening by week 7 as much as I wish that was true, however I have noticed a difference in the speed of hair growth, as well as noticing some empty patches. 

How I use it you ask? Well personally I shave first, however I would probably advice you wax or epilate just so that the time between hair growth last longer. Then you set up your system a card comes with so that you can estimate which strength of pulse to use, it pretty self explanatory. However if you want any more information just let me know? I will also be doing an update at week 7 to let you know how accurate their claims are?

Well hope you have a good day Boxing day, atleast whats left of it. Did you line up for hours to grab yourself a sale item??

Speak to you soon


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