Monday, 18 February 2013

Essie Nail Polishes

Essie Nails

Hello again... 

Now I relise as I scroll through my blog post history that I think I may have more "Random" post then I do actual "Buy" post. So here yet another what I brought post for you which my boyfriend and bothers pointed out to be a "complete waste of money" I mean who whats 3 Essie nail polishes for nearly £25 when you can buy a PS3 game?? Duh! 

So the three colours I ended up buying were Absolutely Shore, Borrowed & Blue and Fuji. (Pictured below)
Mind the bad nail painting!
So the top picture is Absolutely Shore I'd describe it as a pale pastel green (with grey undertones). I love it on the toes with a tan, but thought a toe swatch would be TOO weird so decided against it. 
It applies really nicely through! 

The next is Borrowed and Blue which is a beautiful pale blue. I wore a completely black outfit to work the other day and it looked pretty and feminine which I really like (well not completely i was wearing a white T (which i'm also thinking to do a post on aswell)) 

Finally is Fuji which was raved about from the likes of bloggers such as viviannadoesmakeup which you must go check out her blog if you don't read it already. And even though I did have to go out of my way to find it (I got mine from ebay) was definitely worth it, its just such a pretty colour and looks amazing on the nails. 

On a side note: The first two polishes I picked up off look fantastic which was most convenient for me because I was making a shampoo purchase. For a similar result to the one I received from the Essie nail polishes I used O.P.I Nail Envy (for sensitive nails: which i DON'T recommend. I personally prefer the Original Nail Envy.) I also applied 2 coats of the polishes.

Anyway hope you all had an amazing day. And have a good day tomorrow 

Goodnight X 

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